VCU professor, Maury Hutcheson, guides students while on study abroad.

Education Abroad

Program Options

Students can choose from a wide variety of programs in the following categories:

  • VCU faculty-led programs
    Each year, faculty members lead groups of VCU students for short-term programs during the summer, spring break and winter intersession terms.
  • International Student Exchange Program
    ISEP is a network of over 300 universities in 50 countries. Semester, academic year and summer options are available.
  • Partnership exchanges
    VCU’s own network of 15 international partnerships allows students to study for a semester or academic year on exchange. Tuition and fees are paid to VCU, and room and board are paid directly to the host university.
  • Departmental exchanges
    Various departments at VCU have established their own exchanges directly with foreign universities. Students can participate for a semester or academic year, and tuition and fees are paid at standard VCU tuition rates.
  • Affiliate and alternative programs
    Students may study with another university, organization, or directly enroll in a foreign institution. Note: Prior approval is required to ensure the program is accredited.

All of the study abroad program options require the academic advisor to complete and sign a course approval form‌, except VCU summer faculty-led programs and the VCU-Qatar exchange since students earn VCU credit with these two options.  Students should supply their academic advisor with detailed course descriptions or course syllabi so that the advisor can assign a VCU equivalent for each course taken abroad.

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