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Non-VCU Programs

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Non-VCU programs are for students who wish to study in a country or subject area not covered by any of VCU’s study abroad options.

Thousands of study abroad programs exist, so make sure to look only at those that offer credit from an accredited university. Language schools are not acceptable unless they are able to issue a transcript through an accredited university.

We will assist you with registering, maintaining VCU status while you’re away and securing financial aid. In order to receive academic credit, pre-approval of courses must be secured before studying abroad. For all non-VCU programs, you must request that the host institution send an official transcript to the Education Abroad office.

Non-VCU programs include three general categories:

  • U.S. universities
    You may go through another U.S. university’s study abroad program. Universities with large study abroad departments often recruit students from around the country. Additionally, we recommend that you begin your search by considering programs sponsored by other universities in your home state as the cost may be based on in-state rates.
  • Foreign universities
    Applying directly to a foreign university is also an option if you have an interest in a specific area of study or a particular region of a country. Directly enrolling in a university overseas is certainly a bold step, but nonetheless a fantastic way for some students to study abroad.
  • Independent study abroad program provider 
    You may also go through a study abroad program provider. Many of them include on-site staff, multiple excursions, medical and life insurance, cell phones, student services, transcripts and much more. This is a great option for beginner-level language students and students who need extra support. For your consideration, VCU Education Abroad has established affiliation agreements with several program providers whose programs are all approved and may carry with them special scholarships and pricing for VCU students.
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