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Are you unsure about studying abroad? Here are some frequently asked questions that might help make your decision easier.

Can I use my scholarship or financial aid to study abroad?
Yes, any scholarship money or financial aid you receive from VCU or for educational purposes can be used to study abroad.

How far in advance do I have to plan to study abroad?
For a semester or year-long study abroad program, plan at least six months in advance and for a summer program, plan at least three months in advance. Apply in January for the following fall and in August for spring programs, for the best placement options. The ISEP programs provide a rolling admission.

Will my credits transfer to VCU?
Yes, however, you must get your program approved before you apply. Visit the Education Abroad Office at 912 W. Grace St., to get the proper forms.

What are my study abroad options?
You can go for a summer, semester or full year abroad. You may elect course work to fulfill requirements in your major, minor or general education requirements. You may choose a VCU summer program, participate through ISEP or travel with another approved program independent of these two.

What are the requirements to study abroad?
To participate in a summer study abroad program, you must be in good academic standing. ISEP programs require a minimum 2.75 GPA, and to study a foreign language you must have completed the equivalent of four semesters in that language. However, each independent program has its own requirements, so check with the sponsoring organization for more details.

What if I don't speak a foreign language?
There are many opportunities for students to study abroad in non-English speaking countries, even if English is their only language. Many programs offer core subject classes taught in English, in addition to language instruction.

Whom do I contact if I want to study abroad?
For information call (804) 827-STUA (7882) and make an appointment with an adviser. You may also attend one of our first advising sessions, which are held throughout the semester in the 
Global Education Office located at 912 W. Grace St.

Who gets my passport and visa?
You do! Your program will assist you in acquiring a visa, but you must get the passport on your own.

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