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Alliance Abroad Work, teach, volunteer or learn a language in Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Italy, Peru or Spain.
Arcadia University Intern Abroad Internship Programs Through Arcadia University.
BUNAC Work/internship/volunteer opportunities for students and recent graduates in UK, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Cambodia, South Africa and Canada.
CIS Intern Abroad Internship programs through CIS.
Club des 4 Vents Jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities abroad.
Connect-123 Internship programs in Dublin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Shanghai and Buenos Aires
Cross-Cultural Solutions Well-respected organization offering volunteer and internship opportunities in 12 countries for one to 12 weeks.
Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships (ETA) Fulbright grant to become an English teaching assistant in a foreign country.
Go Intern Abroad Go Abroad site with information about internships abroad.
Go Volunteer Abroad Go Abroad site with information about volunteering abroad.
InterExchange Au pair, professional internship, teaching English, volunteering, language schools and work-travel programs in 13 countries.
Internships Abroad Reference guide for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to help match students with international internship opportunities.
I-to-I Volunteer and TEFL opportunities around the world.
International Internship Directory Reference guide to help match students with international internship opportunities offered by universities, governmental agencies, non-profit groups, private organizations and corporations.
JET Programme Program for recent graduates to assist in international exchange and foreign language education in local governments, boards of education and elementary, junior and senior high schools throughout Japan.
Operafestival di Roma Operafestival di Roma is a non-profit educational institution that offers opportunities for musicians from all nations to study and perform opera in Italy in the summer.
Teach English Abroad UMN site containing information about teaching English abroad.
U.S. Department of State Careers Information about student internships with the State Department.
Volunteer Abroad UMN site containing information about volunteering abroad.
Volunteer BaseCamp Independent and group volunteer opportunities in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Ghana, Nepal and Tanzania. Volunteer BaseCamp offers a wide variety of types of volunteer opportunities (human rights, medical, educational, wildlife) and offer language training as well.
Work Abroad UMN site containing information about working abroad.
Work and Travel Ireland (ISIT) Work in Ireland for up to four months.

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