Students in China.

Education Abroad

Re-entry Manual

Please view the attached manual for all of the information you need to know about returning from your study abroad program, including resources for how to get involved in cultural activities on campus, and how to go abroad again.

Study Abroad Re-entry Manual

Jobs and Internships Abroad/Internationally-focused Jobs in the U.S.

Please use the HireVCURams portal to view job and internship opportunities abroad, as well as domestic jobs that have international components. Our office regularly receives information about jobs and internships in the fields of international education, international development, teaching English as a second language, etc. We work in coordination with the VCU Career Center to have these opportunities posted on the HireVCURams website. Check them out!

Teaching English Abroad

Many students are interested in teaching English abroad after they return from their study abroad programs. We have compiled a list of English teaching resources, including FAQs and a program research guide. Please note that the information provided below is to be used as a starting point, and students should conduct their own thorough research before pursuing any of these opportunities. VCU is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse any of these programs.  

Guide to Teaching English

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