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Education Abroad

Transcript & Credit Transfer Process

Upon your return, please take the following steps to ensure that your grades will be transferred correctly and in a timely manner. If students do not complete these steps, the Education Abroad Office cannot guarantee a transfer of credit.

  1. Confirm with the host institution that your transcript will be sent to the correct address:
    Education Abroad
    912 W. Grace St.
    P.O. Box 843043
    Richmond, Virginia 23284-3043

    Note: We must receive an official transcript directly from the host institution. Do not have your transcript sent to Records and Registration or to your academic department because it will delay the transfer of your credits. Study abroad transcripts will not be processed for transfer credit by any office other than Education Abroad. We cannot accept transcripts from students.

  2. Set up an appointment with your study abroad advisor.
    • Ensure that your pre-approval form matches the courses on your transcript
    • Complete follow-up questionnaire

  3. If the classes on your transcript differ from the original course approval form, please obtain a new course approval form from the study abroad office, and set up an appointment with your VCU academic advisor to have him/her assign the appropriate VCU course equivalents. Please review the Education Abroad Course Approval Instructions for more information.

    Please be sure to bring the course descriptions and syllabi with you to this meeting, as your academic advisor needs to have some direction when assigning equivalents.

    Note: All foreign language classes must be approved by the School of World Studies. Please email Sarah Carrier ( any course descriptions or syllabi for courses that need to be approved by the School of World Studies.

  4. Keep in touch with us. We always love having returnees share their experiences. Additionally, there are always opportunities for you to volunteer or get involved with our office.
    • Become a buddy for an exchange student
    • Share your experiences with other students
    • Be a language partner for a student in the English Language Program
    • Sit at the returnee table at the Study Abroad Fall Fair
    • Submit entries to our photo and writing contest
    • Attend returnee events

    These are just a few options for getting involved. Ask us about other ways you can help or study abroad again!

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