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English Language Program

Placement Test

Placement test and result information

The English Language Program placement test is very important because it determines your initial placement in ELP classes.

Who is required to take the placement test?

All students who want to enroll in ELP classes are required to take the placement test. If you are a graduate or undergraduate student who has been academically accepted to the university with an English proficiency condition, the placement test also determines how many academic classes you will be able to take, if any.

Structure of the ELP placement test

The placement test is three hours, with a short break included. It is designed to evaluate a student’s skill levels in writing and grammar, reading and vocabulary, listening, speaking and pronunciation. ELP teachers give and evaluate all parts of the placement test. The test includes the following sections:

  • Multiple choice listening section (45 minutes)
  • Multiple choice reading and vocabulary section (45 minutes)
  • Writing an essay on a given topic or question (30 minutes)
  • Oral interview with two ELP teachers to test speaking and pronunciation

How to prepare for the placement test

The listening and reading sections of the ELP placement test are similar to the listening and verbal sections of the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). In order to prepare, you may want to consider looking at TOEFL sample tests. These can be found in any TOEFL study-guide book. The TOEFL Web site also has some sample tests, which you can use to practice.

To get ready for the writing section of the ELP test, practice writing an essay in about 30 minutes. Choose a familiar topic from everyday life, or look through some of your writing texts for essay topics. Make certain that your essay has an introduction (with main idea), a body and a conclusion. Use some of the 30 minutes to edit your essay for grammar and spelling.

The ELP placement test is not pass or fail. It is just a tool that we use to evaluate your skills and to make sure that you are studying at the right level and/or prepared to study academically at the university.

How to register for the test

Students accepted into academic programs: Please fill out the ELP Placement Test Reservation Form along with the $100 application and testing fee or the online payment confirmation sheet.

Non-academic accepted students: You will automatically be registered for the test once you are accepted to the program and have paid the $150 application and testing fee.

How to get your test results

During the placement test, you will receive an appointment card. The card tells you when to return to the office to receive your test results. You must come in person to meet the adviser. Results cannot be e-mailed or given over the phone. During this meeting, you will register for your classes and receive your schedule. ELP is a three-level program and you will be placed in the appropriate level, based on the placement test results. You will also receive your bill for the classes at that time.

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