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The VCU Globe curriculum consists of a 1-credit orientation course, five 1-credit globally-focused seminars, a special section of UNIV 200, or an approved alternative, and one 3-credit course from an approved list. 

Freshman Year Apply to program GLED 101 (1 cr.)
Introduction to VCU Globe
Sophomore Year GLED 201 (1 cr.)
Global Education Seminar

GLED section of UNIV 200 (3 cr.)
GLED 202 (1 cr.)
Global Engagement Seminar
Junior Year GLED 301 (1 cr.)
Planning for Global Leadership Seminar

1 course from approved list (3 cr.)
GLED 302 (1 cr.)
Preparing for Global Leadership Seminar
Senior Year GLED 401 (1 cr.)
Practicing Global Leadership
GLED 493 (1 cr.)
Global Leadership Program

Other Requirements

In order to successfully complete the program, a student must:

  • complete at least 40 hours of service
  • demonstrate experience in cultural immersion
  • live for 2 years in West Grace North Residence Hall
  • have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA at graduation
  • have a minimum 2.0 GPA in Global Education courses at graduation
  • attend at least five VCU Globe events each academic year
  • submit curricular and co-curricular portfolios


Current and recent Global Education (GLED) course offerings and course descriptions are available below.  Courses under certain rubrics (i.e. GLED 391) vary semester to semester, depending on the instructor.

For more detailed registration information, consult the VCU Schedule of Classes.

VCU Globe Course Descriptions

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