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Faisal Hayat, English Language Program graduate, shines both inside and outside the classroom. Learn about his experience as a student and professional athlete with the Spain national football team.
Faisal Hayat
Faisal Hayat, English Language Program graduate and player for Spain national football team.

Faisal Hayat
English Language Program Graduate
Professional Football Player

‌Faisal Hayat has completed the final level of the Virginia Commonwealth University English Language Program and will enroll as an undergraduate in the political science department next spring. But between sessions, Hayat doesn’t have much of a break. That’s because he is a professional football player for the Spain national football team.  

Hayat recently went to Spain to sign a three-year contract with the Spain national under-20 team. Upon completion of his contract, he will have the option to be called up to play with the national team. 

Being in the ELP has helped Hayat gain the English skills he will need as he continues as an undergraduate at VCU and to be successful as a professional athlete. “Being at VCU has helped me gain a lot of experience and learn a lot of English that I didn’t know before,” he said.  

As for his schedule, Hayat will simply fly back to Spain regularly to play in professional football matches. 

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