Virginia Commonwealth University
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Task Force Committees

Campus Culture and Community Engagement

The charge of the campus culture and community engagement sub-committee is to identify strategies to engage students in high impact extra-curricular international activities both on and off-campus. Through these activities, we aim to develop sustainable partnerships with the Richmond international community.

List of members
  • Lynn Pelco, Associate Vice-Provost for Community Engagement, Chair (
  • Helen Ruth Aspaas, Wilder School (and Service Learning advocate)
  • Leslie Bozeman, Assistant Director for Global Engagement, VCU GLOBE
  • Chezdan Baker, VCU undergraduate
  • Amy Gray, Director of Young Alumni Engagement, Alumni Relations
  • James McCleskey, Associate Professor, Engineering
  • Isaac Rodriguez, Ph.D. Candidate, Biomedical Engineering, and President, STAT
  • Reuban Rodriguez, Associate Vice-Provost and Dean Student Affairs
  • Mary Slade, Director of VCU ASPIRE
  • Jerusalem Solomon, President, Filipino Americans Coming Together
  • Beverley Walker, Interim Associate Director, Programs and Educational Services
  • Faith Wilkerson, Interim Director, OMSA

International Students and Scholars

The charge of the international students and scholars sub-committee is to develop strategies to recruit and retain talented international students and scholars in all disciplines. Additionally, the committee aims to identify ways the university can increase the visibility and contributions of international students and scholars at VCU.

List of members
  • Jan Chlebowski, Associate Dean for Graduate Education, School of Medicine (
  • Mariam Bello, International Undergraduate Student
  • Doug Boudinot, Dean, Graduate School
  • Andrekia Branch, Coordinator of Postdoctoral Services
  • Blair Brown, Assistant Director of International and Graduate Admissions, Office of Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Maryanne Collinson, Professor, Chemistry
  • Haotian Guo, International Undergraduate Student (Senior)
  • Amber Hill, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, Global Education Office
  • Sai Sudha Kok, Post-­‐Doctoral Associate, Internal Medicine
  • Laura Moriarty, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Angelina Overvold, Executive Committee, School of World Studies
  • Napoleon Peoples, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, MCV Campus
  • Divya Varier, International Doctoral Student

Teaching and Curriculum/Education Abroad

The charge of the teaching and curriculum/education abroad sub-committee is to identify the best practices and strategies to provide all students with an education that prepares them for a 21st century global environment. Specifically, we seek to identify ways the university can support and strategically enhance scholarship and teaching in foreign languages, increase the number of students studying abroad, and increase the international engagement of faculty.

List of members
  • Judy Twigg, Professor, Wilder School, Chair (
  • Carine Binyam, Student
  • Krzysztof Cios, Chair, Computer Science
  • Robert Godwin-­‐Jones, Professor of World Studies
  • Zachary Goodell, Co-­‐Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Micol Hammack, Instructor, Core Education
  • Nasha Lewis, Education Abroad Program Manager, Global Education Office
  • James Mays, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academics, College of Humanities and Sciences
  • Derek Mires, Student
  • William Newmann, Associate Professor, Political Science, Wilder School
  • Jackie Smith-­Mason, Assistant Dean, Honors College
  • Sherry Sandkam, Associate Dean, Graduate School
  • Faedah Totah, Associate Professor, International Studies, Wilder School
  • James Wiznerowicz, Chair of University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • Christopher Woleben, Associate Dean of Medical Education
  • Van Wood, Professor of Marketing

Strategic Partnerships and Research

The charge of the strategic partnerships and research sub-committee is to identify ways the university can increase the number of faculty engaged in high-impact international scholarship, research and creative expression. Specifically, we seek to develop strategies for increasing internationally-focused sponsored research and to develop a partnership strategy to support the international priorities of academic units.

List of members
  • Ann Nichols-Casebolt, Associate Vice President for Research, Chair (
  • Omar Abubaker, Chair, Oral Surgery
  • Cristina Bares, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Massimo (Max) Bertino, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Kathleen Chapman, Assistant Professor of Art History
  • Nick Farrell, Professor of Chemistry
  • Babette Fuss, Professor of Anatomy
  • Randy Koch, Executive Director, Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies
  • Maghboeba Mosavel, Associate Professor, Social & Behavioral Health
  • Raj Rao, Associate Professor, Engineering
  • Nancy Scott, Associate Dean, School of the Arts
  • Bhavna Shroff, Professor or Dentistry (Orthodontics)
  • Rob Tombes, Associate Dean for Research, Humanities and Sciences