Virginia Commonwealth University
Students in different settings

Town Hall Forum Summary

Meeting Dates: February 7 and February 21-Monroe Park Campus
February 13 and February 27-Medical College of Virginia Campus

1. How do we increase awareness of international opportunities and services at VCU among current and potential students?
2. How might VCU capitalize on its multicultural urban setting to deepen international experiences for students, faculty, and staff?
3. How do we ensure that international students and scholars have a smooth transition to the university and a successful experience at VCU and in the Richmond community?
4. What are the facilitators and barriers to incorporating expanded international content into the curriculum?
5. What are the facilitators and barriers to engaging in international research?
6. If there were no resource constraints, what would internationalization look like at VCU?
  • Think of mechanisms for coordinating with the other ongoing university-wide task forces (Online Learning, Service Learning, Sustainability, SACS QEP). Use the external mandate of SACS as a catalyst for action.
  • Deans need to take leadership in internationalization – they are critical gatekeepers