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Relating to Quest

The Quest for Distinction guides VCU's internationalization efforts. The Task Force for Comprehensive Internationalization will address VCU's commitment to global education as it relates to each Quest theme in the following ways:

Theme One

Theme One articulates our determination to become a leader among national research universities in providing all students with high quality learning/living experiences focused on inquiry, discovery and innovation in a global environment.

We ask: What are we doing to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and experiences they will need upon graduation to succeed in an increasingly global environment?

Theme Two

Theme Two states our intention to attain preeminence as an urban, public research university by making contributions in research, scholarship, creative expression and clinical practice that bring national and international recognition.

We ask: What structures are in place to support our faculty in gaining international recognition for research, scholarship, creative expression and clinical practice?

Theme Three

Theme Three says that we will achieve national recognition as a fully-integrated research university with a commitment to human health.

We ask: How can we use our international contacts to enrich our research, teaching and service related to health?

Theme Four

Theme Four envisions VCU as a national model for community engagement and regional impact.

We ask: How might VCU serve as a bridge connecting the emerging needs in our communities with resources and expertise of our network of international partner universities?