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May 1, 2013
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Transatlantic Degree in Cinema & Language

A two year Master's program in film studies
and language (Spanish/Italian)

VCU’s College of Humanities and Sciences has been awarded nearly one million dollars in grant funding to develop a truly unique graduate program in the humanities, a Transatlantic Dual Degree in Cinema and Language. The funds are shared among the three international partner universities – VCU, the University of Messina (UNIME), and the Universidad de Córdoba (UCO) – over a 4 year grant period. This interdisciplinary degree cuts across humanities disciplines and prepares students for their professional futures.

At VCU, the Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies will be combined with recent curricular development in film and media studies which includes the interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree program in Media, Art and Text, a B.A. in Cinema and a concentration in World Film Studies combined with the B.A. in International Studies.

At the end of the two-year program, a group of six EU students (3 from UNIME, 3 from UCO) and six VCU students will have spent their first semester in Spain, their second semester in Italy and their full 2nd year at VCU. They will graduate with a Master’s Degree that prepares them for work in the film industry in the US or abroad, or for doctoral programs and careers in education.

Mission Statement

The cinema and language concentration in the MIS broadens education and career options and is designed to help develop the crucial analytic and communication skills, knowledge base and international experiences needed to pursue a career in the global marketplace.



Partner Universities

University of Messina

Messina, Sicily (Italy)

Universidad de Córdoba

Córdoba, Spain