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Brandon Santiago '16

Brandon Santiago


Brandon Santiago


Norfolk, Virginia


Mechanical Engineering

Desired profession: 

Roller Coaster Engineer

‌Tell us about yourself.

I am currently a Resident Assistant for Residential Life and Housing, a Student Admissions Ambassador, an Orientation leader for New Student Programs, and a member of the National Society of Black Engineers. Last year, I also volunteered in Atlanta, Georgia with Alternative Spring Break at VCU helping elementary school kids increase their knowledge in an after school program. I really enjoy the city of Richmond, and I love going out in the city and eating at the many delicious local restaurants. I also love working out and spending valuable time with my close friends here. I chose VCU Globe because I knew that in my career field I would need to be more globally competent in order to work with people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, etc. It is very impressive if you can communicate with someone from a different country about their culture. This can open even more networking opportunities and successful relationships in the career field.

What is it like to be in VCU Globe?

I really enjoy the fact that we get to live in the building with the international students. Our learning doesn’t just stop in the classroom. We learn more about the cultures and customs of international people through our interactions with the international students in the building.

What is a unique experience you have had participating in the program?

A unique experience I’ve had in the program is all of the connections and friendships I’ve made with the international students. In the beginning of the school year, an international student from South Korea invited some of us over to his apartment to eat dinner with him. He cooked us special dishes from his culture, and all of us were able to have interesting conversations about our different cultures.

What would you say to a student who is thinking about applying to the program?

An opportunity like VCU Globe doesn't come too often. Being in this program increases your understanding of different cultures, which makes you more open minded. The program is also a huge support system. Because all of us want to succeed in our education, we are always willing to help each other out. The community here is so close, and I believe it is the best community for a goal-driven student.

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