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Wendy Cho '16

VCU Globe Student


Wendy Cho


Midlothian, Virginia


History and International Studies: Intl Social Justice, Latin American Studies Minor and Religious Studies Minor 

Desired profession: 

A perfect mother 

‌Tell us about yourself.

I am interested in making the world a better place. One thing that I am doing that I am proud of is leading a new club on campus, ONE@VCU. ONE is an international nonprofit campaign to fight global poverty and preventable diseases, and we now have a campus group! I also love to act, sing in the shower, and volunteer. I volunteer 10 hours a week at a daycare in Richmond and I am in several different service/volunteer orientated student organizations on campus. 

What is it like to be in VCU Globe?

I chose VCU Globe because of its focus. Being half Korean and half Mexican, but born and raised American, I am fascinated by cultures and languages. Being put in an environment that fosters learning about this and fosters relationships with international students sounded really unique; and it is! It also fit in well with my majors and interests.

The building is brand new, so we get a bunch of cool amenities, and we get to live and take classes with people we have a lot in common with. The second floor of WGN is full of love and hallway parties at 3am. We’re all friends, and we’re always in each other’s rooms. And if I ever run out of milk, someone’s got my back! 

What is a unique experience you have had participating in the program?

Last year, I wasn’t super friendly with the people I lived with. This year is totally different. We all know each other’s names, for the most part, and after participating in the two-day orientation at the beginning of the year we all bonded rather quickly. It’s nice to know that if I need a friend or emotional support, I can walk down the hall and into a hug from a friend. And by taking classes together and doing projects together we get to learn more and more about each other; sometimes a little more than we would care to but it’s all good fun! 

What would you say to a student who is thinking about applying to the program?

Do it! 

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