Virginia Commonwealth University

Center for Integrative Mediterranean Studies 6th International Conference

About the Conference

The Center for Integrative Mediterranean Studies is a tripartite research and exchange-based partnership between the University of Messina, Italy; the University of Córdoba, Spain; and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA. This year, VCU hosts the CIMS Sixth International Conference, September 13-14, 2012.

Conference Themes

Sports and Society: Universities around the world play an increasingly important role in orchestrating the interconnections between sports and their communities. This year the University of Córdoba hosts the 1st European Universities Games and the University of Messina hosts the Italian National University Sports Championship. The success of the Rams in the NCAA has brought VCU and Richmond national attention. Given the growing prominence of its members in university sports, CIMS will host a special symposium this Olympic year within the 2012 Conference dedicated to the myriad forms in which sports and society interact.

Freedom and Social Memory: In 2012-2013 VCU commemorates the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War and Emancipation through the VCU Year of Freedom: Confronting Our Past, Facing Our Future. The American Civil War and Emancipation constitute the most important events in American history, and Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, was ground zero for conflicts over social memory of the war’s legacy. The struggles for freedom and the challenges of building a just and inclusive society that the VCU Year of Freedom commemorates have deep roots in the Mediterranean Region and are as relevant today as ever the world over, as armed conflict, immigration, and global economic upheavals unsettle established order.