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Special Announcement:
GEO statement on Ebola outbreak

Dear Students and Scholars,

In light of the outbreak of Ebola in some African nations, the VCU Global Education Office and Division of Student Affairs are reaching out to students and scholars with personal, geographic or cultural ties to affected areas and to anyone with concerns.

If you are planning travel to any of the currently affected countries — Guinea, Liberia, or Sierra Leone — please consult Student Health before you travel and again upon returning to VCU.

As this situation unfolds, we are available to support you with a variety of resources, and we invite you to share this information with anyone you believe will have an interest.

Resources immediately available to you include:

Monroe Park Campus: 804-828-8828, 1300 W. Broad Street, Suite 2200

Medical Campus: 804-828-9220, 1000 E. Marshall Street, Room 305

  • Division of Student Affairs

Please contact Dr. Charles Klink at 804-828-1244 or

His office is located at 901 Floyd Avenue.

  • Global Education Office

Please contact Dr. Amber Hill at 804-828-0178 or

Her office is located at 817 W. Franklin Str

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