Tsinghua University Students Art Reception


Tsinghua University art students study painting and printmaking at VCU

JAE I YOUNJae I Youn, a senior at Tsinghua University, displays her water soluble pastels.

Scarly Zhao

Scarly Zhao, a VCU junior majoring in painting, showcases her sculpture featuring hand-made clay links. Zhao was one of nine students who studied at Tsinghua University last spring.
  Tsinghua University
Ruth Bolduan (l), VCU Painting+Printmaking professor with Li Mu (r), chair of the Tsinghua University Painting+Printmaking department.
By: Nicol Tinsley
VCU Global Education Office
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VCU's School of the Arts and the Global Education Office welcomed eight undergraduate and graduate students from Tsinghua University, Academy of Art and Design in Beijing, China for a two-week study of painting and printmaking this fall. The visiting group was accompanied by Li Mu, professor and chair of the Tsinghua University Painting+Printmaking Department, as well as professors Zhongyan Wen and Qu Xin.

Coordinated by Ruth Bolduan, Painting+Printmaking professor, the students participated in an exchange program between the two universities, beginning with nine VCU Arts students attending Tsinghua University to take classes in experimental painting for two weeks last spring.

During the Tsinghua University students' visit to VCU, an art show was held that included artwork from students at both universities. In addition, the undergraduates participated in VCU art classes, and the graduate students met with their VCU counterparts.

The exchange will culminate with an open conversation between the VCU Arts and Tsinghua University faculty about teaching art in China and the United States. "We hope that this collaborative effort will lead to future faculty and student exchanges, and other activities between our universities," said Bolduan.

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