VCU Globe Graduation 2018


Celebrating VCU Globe's newest graduates

"The voyage upon which each of you has embarked is well on its way, and you will write and re-write the narrative of your voyage many times," Matt Clausen, president of the Washington Office on Latin America, told students in his keynote address at the third annual VCU Globe graduation ceremony on January 26. 

"Your global perspective, curiosity, compassion and commitment ensure, if you continue to nourish it, that each of you will travel well with a world of friends and perspectives sitting on your shoulders." Clausen said. "And this is true whether your career path is very locally based or very international. The global competencies that you are fostering will serve you well in all places."

Seventy-two students made up the newest class of graduates from VCU Globe, with nearly fifty receiving Peace Corps Prep certificates.

During the ceremony, senior and dance major, Michelle Kopp reflected on her time in the program, sharing that studying abroad was the most important outcome for her.  

“Studying abroad is valuable for innumerable reasons, but when paired with participation in Globe, it helped me to envision a future that integrates my passion for dance with my interest in global education,” Koppl said. “We each have the opportunity now to make our own adventure through our chosen fields, but we are equipped with the skills and knowledge gained in Globe that will help us in ways we might not even realize now.”

A host of family and friends were in attendance to celebrate with students completing the three-year program.

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