Aerial shot of the Monroe Park campus at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Global Outreach

Global Advisory Network

Responding to the VCU Task Force for Comprehensive Internationalization’s recommendation to develop structures that will broaden support and oversight for global initiatives, the VCU Global Advisory Network is comprised of more than 100 points linking students, staff and faculty from across the university in clusters supporting each of the three global priorities of Quest. Please click on the chart below to view the lists of members for each advisory panel or team. 

Each semester, each of the constituent units of the network meets to discuss and identify trends, opportunities, and make recommendations in their areas. The summaries of meetings are forwarded upward to the Provost’s Global Advisory Council. Please see below for a summary of recommendations from the 2015-16 academic year as well as the recommendations from the Provost’s Global Advisory Council. 

PGAC Recommendations
Global Advisory Network Summary

Provost's Global Advisory Council International Students and Scholars Advisory Panel Global Strategies Advisory Panel Global Learning Advisory Panel Regional Strategy Teams University Strategic Partner Teams

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