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Immunization and Health Insurance

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All international students and scholars are required to be covered by health insurance for the entire time they are at VCU.

Global Education Office staff can help you understand the various health insurance options in the U.S., sign up for the appropriate program, and locate medical providers and services around VCU and Richmond. Health insurance information sessions are offered regularly.


All VCU students are required to submit an immunization record to Student Health Services.

Download the Certificate of Immunizations and have a physician in your home country complete the information in English before you come to the U.S.

Note: Student Health Services does not accept tuberculosis (TB) tests done outside of the U.S. You must complete the TB test at the Student Health Services within five days of arriving on campus.

Health Insurance for International Students

All VCU international students are required to purchase and maintain health insurance which covers 80-100 percent of the cost of medical care and hospitalization. American medical care is quite expensive, and is the student’s financial responsibility. Failure to maintain adequate health insurance can result in health risks and financial debt. Information about different health insurance plans is available at the International Student Orientation and in the Global Education Office.

Health insurance plans must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The plan must provide at least $250,000 for each illness or injury per year.
  • The plan must include medical evacuation.
  • The plan must include repatriation of remains.
  • The insurance company must have an office in the U.S.

We have reviewed many different health insurance plans for international students and have found several reliable plans at reasonable rates. We do not endorse any one plan but can answer your questions to help you make an informed decision.

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