Diagnostic Testing and the Final Proficiency Exams

Students returning to the English Language Program from the previous semester, will register into ELP courses according to their previous semester grades. You will have an opportunity to take diagnostic tests during the first week of each semester. The purpose of these tests is to be sure that you are in the right level.

You should demonstrate that your English proficiency is higher than the level in which you have been studying to move up to the next level. Your teacher will recommend a change of your level based on your diagnostic results. If approved by the lead teacher and the administration, you will be contacted about your new schedule. If you have any questions about diagnostic tests, you may schedule an appointment to speak with one of your teachers.

At the end of each semester, students are given an English proficiency exam. The scores on this exam, combined with class grades, determine your final grades for Written Communication and Oral Communication. If arrangements need to be made for you to take the proficiency test on an alternate date, you must speak with your teachers. Your teachers will also track your homework, quiz and test completion, participation and other class work as defined on the class syllabus.

Cheating is not tolerated at the English Language Program. Cheating includes copying another student’s answers, sharing answers on tests, and using forbidden aids such as dictionaries during tests.