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VCU English Language Program Courses

On-Campus Program Dates

Fall I 2022 Session

First Day of Class: August 23
Last Day of Class: December 16
Placement Test: August 17

Fall II 2022 Session

First Day of Class: October 17
Last Day of Class:  December 16
Placement Test: October 11

Spring I 2023 Session

First Day of Class: January 17
Last Day of Class: May 11
Placement Test: January 10


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On-Campus Program Costs

Full-time Enrollment (22 credits): $4,950
Other Expenses (housing and health insurance): $5,200
Total Estimated Cost for full-time enrollment: $10,150

Other Fees
Application Fee: $70
Placement Test Fee: $100

Part-time Enrollment: $225 per credit


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Placement Test

You are required to take the English Language Placement Test if:
  • You want to study in the English Language Program.
  • You are admitted to VCU but need to satisfy the English language requirement.
The English Language Program placement test is very important because it determines a student's initial placement in the English Language Program.

Placement test information

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