Welcome to the English Language Program (ELP) at VCU

CEA and English USA

The English Language Program at VCU has been welcoming visitors from around the world to Richmond, Virginia since 1989.  
We would love to invite you to join our growing, diverse community of students.



For 2018-2019, the University has set ELP fees at $225 per credit.

Why Study at VCU?

  • Condensed program: Students can complete the program in just one year
  • Academic quality: Strong academic classes are offered
  • Great value: Students will receive a high-quality education, advising, and activities for a low cost
  • Diversity: Students will be part of VCU’s unique and diverse community
  • Location: Richmond, Virginia is two hours by car from Washington D.C. and Atlantic Ocean beaches
  • Exceptional teachers: Qualified, professional teachers, and small class sizes are available
  • Tutoring: Students have access to free tutoring at our ELP Tutoring Center
  • Conversation Partner Program: Students can practice English with an American student