Friendship Family and Cultural Exchange

GEO proudly administers the VCU Friendship Family and Cultural Exchange (VCU FFACE) Program, which provides Richmond community members and international students and scholars the opportunity to develop cross-cultural friendships with each other.

VCU boasts a vibrant and ever-increasing population of international students and scholars who each come to VCU for various educational pursuits with fascinatingly diverse backgrounds and fresh perspectives. The FFACE Program serves to enhance their university experience with a first-hand interaction with American family culture. VCU FFACE strives to stimulate curiosity, increase and enhance cultural understanding, and provide insight into a world beyond the students’ and community participants’ own perspectives and experiences. 

International students and scholars meet during FFACE receptionHow it works

We encourage community volunteers and students to meet at least once a month to participate in whatever activities they would like. This could include family dinners, sporting events (baseball games, etc.), local food and music festivals, museums, canoeing, etc. The Global Education Office will also coordinate several group events each year, which FFACE-ers can elect to participate in or not. We will notify participants of these events at least a month in advance.

Getting matched

VCU international students/scholars and Richmond community members are matched based on the information provided in the application forms. Families are welcome to sign up for more than one student per term (this can be indicated on the application form). Students/scholars will be paired with only one family.