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2020 International Faculty Seminar: Japan

May 11-21, 2020
Application deadline:  October 16, 2019 

VCU’s Global Education Office is partnering with the University of Richmond (UR) to accept applications for the 2020 International Faculty Seminar to Japan. Since 1989, the UR has offered an International Faculty Seminar (IFS), and since 2016, UR and VCU faculty have joined each other’s seminars, resulting in very positive partnerships. The 2020 IFS will be administered by UR, who will select one VCU participant from the applicants.

The IFS enables a VCU faculty member to enrich the global dimensions of their teaching, research, and community engagement through cultural immersion and connections with counterparts abroad. For the IFS in Japan, UR encourages scholars with previous knowledge of and/or connection to the country or region, and scholars with strong thematic connection, to apply.

Dr. Jory Brinkerhoff (Associate Professor of Biology) and Dr. Martha Merritt (Dean and Carole M. Weinstein Chair of International Education) of UR welcome applications in the form of a two-page letter sharing the nature of your interest in Japan and any previous engagement you may have had, as well as what you would hope to bring back to VCU after the seminar experience.

The International Faculty Seminar to Japan requires:

  • Five or six meetings in the spring semester (2020) before departure at which participants share a reading (or video) and the nature of their interest in the target country, and during which the contours of the seminar are set based on participant interests;
  • Participants attend a session in Fall 2020 to report back to the community about their experiences and expectations going forward.;

The cost of the IFS is $6,000 with the funds shared equally between the applicant’s unit and VCU’s Global Education Office.

To apply: Please send a two-page letter of interest, a CV, and a letter of support from the Dean (committing to the cost of $3,000 should the application be accepted) by October 16 to Jessica Abernathy at GEO will forward all applications to the University of Richmond for consideration. One VCU applicant will be selected to participate in the IFS.