Global Zone Workshop

Global Zone Training

The Global Education Office provides a workshop for VCU faculty and staff to explore best practices for working with international students. This workshop offers knowledge, skills and resources for teaching and supporting VCU’s 1,200+ international students and scholars. Attendees will attain micro-credentials earning a digital badge after completing training in entry-level culture theory and intercultural communication strategies. The workshop is available online and in person and generally spans one to two hours.

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Teachers and staff in Global Zone class
What You Will Learn

International VCU

Presenting the most current data on VCU’s international student population: Who they are, what their concerns are, and how we can best support their interests through available resources.

Cultural Agility

General culture theory offering insight into successfully supporting and advocating for international students, as well as unique cultural challenges international students may face.

Common Concerns

While the experiences of international students are each unique, we will discuss some of the most common questions and concerns we receive from faculty, to identify potential courses of action for difficult situations.

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