ELP students

Incoming Exchange Students


VCU is pleased to welcome exchange students from around the world. Exchange students visit VCU and enroll in classes for one or two semesters and do not earn a VCU degree. Questions about being an international exchange student at VCU should be emailed to ISSP@vcu.edu.

Students who wish to attend VCU as international exchange students for one or two semesters must be nominated by one of our partnership or departmental exchanges or through ISEP. In order for VCU to accept your nomination, we must receive the following:

All exchange students must enroll as full-time students in order to maintain legal status while in the U.S. If you are admitted as an undergraduate exchange student you need to enroll in a total of 12 credits each semester. If you are admitted as a graduate student you should be enrolled in at least 9 credits.

Please consult with your academic advisers at your home university to determine which courses at VCU will be most appropriate for your degree program. VCU’s course descriptions provide details regarding the content of all courses offered at VCU, and the schedule of courses lists those offered for a specific term. You should look at both sites in order to make your selections and choose many alternatives.

Your exchange application will include a list of courses you would like to take. Organize your list in order of priority. Courses on your list must include the five-digit Course Reference Number (CRN), department code, and course number as well as the course title. For example, 13489 INTL 101 Human Societies and Globalization. Please be sure to clearly indicate your course request on your exchange application. We cannot process your request without all of this information.

Once we have accepted your application, we will register you for your courses, doing our best to enroll you in the courses you included on your application. Any changes you would like to make to your schedule can be done during the first week of classes before the add/drop deadline.

NOTE: Course numbers indicate the level of the class. Courses numbered 100-299 are lower division (first and second year) undergraduate classes; 300-499 are upper division (third and fourth year) undergraduate classes; and courses numbered 500 and above are graduate level classes.

Being an Exchange Student at VCU

GEO provides international students with basic support services and with opportunities to engage directly with the local community. 

For help with settling in at VCU or for information about trips and activities on campus and around Richmond and the region, please email ISSP@vcu.edu.