What should I do after I arrive at VCU?

  • Attend your assigned placement test. This is required for all new students. You must take the test before you will be permitted to register in classes.
  • Complete the PPD skin test (Tuberculosis Skin Test) at University Student Health Services. Note: Student Health Services does not accept tuberculosis (TB) tests done outside the U.S. You must get the TB test at Student Health Services after you arrive. (Students from some countries are exempt from these tests.)

  • Attend the New ELP Student Orientation. This is required for all new students and will include check-in and registration with the VCU Immigration Office.

We are here to help you. If you have any questions, make sure you ask the Admissions or Academic Advisor, so you understand what you need to do. We are happy to assist you during your first days so that you feel comfortable in your new home away from home.